Michon Lanaro

Michon Lanaro, an area resident since 1973, joined the Maybrook Wind Ensemble in January 2018 as a clarinetist.  Her musical history began with piano and clarinet at age 10, alto saxophone at age 14, and flute at age 18.  She has also played variations of these instruments, namely the E-flat clarinet, the A-flat clarinet, and piccolo.  She has performed with various classical, jazz, ensemble, and marching groups from elementary school to today’s community band.

Michon is very grateful to her influencers, most especially her teachers, conductors, and the master clarinetists she has had the privilege to play with.  These mentors encourage her to learn and appreciate different instruments, to play a variety of musical genres, and to audition for competitions.  Her accomplishments include NYSSMA in Washingtonville, New York, the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award in St. Cloud, France, Honor Band in London England, and the Honor Flight in Newburgh, New York.

Michon is enamored by the beauty of musical instruments.  She also enjoys dance, the outdoors, and volunteering.  She is attending SUNY Empire State College in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree.

Patty Lee Parmalee


I was already in my forties, musically only a singer (choral and folk), when I realized my true voice was the soprano saxophone – at least as played by Paul Winter. He recommended a teacher for me (Paul Cohen), and I have loved the sound of my vintage curved soprano ever since.  Band composers (darn it!) rarely score for soprano sax, so I am lucky to be able to cover trumpet, cornet, and oboe parts with the Maybrook Wind Ensemble. I also play alto with the Pine Bush Community Band and the SUNY New Paltz Symphonic Band.

Kenneth Korn

Maybrook Wind Ensemble Flute Quartet

Maybrook Wind Ensemble Flute Quartet

Kenneth Korn, flute and piccolo, is delighted to be a member of our band.   Ken has been a general music teacher in Paramus, NJ for over 30 years where he teaches vocal music as well as directs elementary and middle school orchestras, bands and choruses.   The diverse nature of his work requires that he be a ‘Jack of all trades and master of none.’  Playing flute and piccolo in the supportive and friendly environment of the Maybrook Ensemble has given him the opportunity to finally develop some competence on an instrument he has always enjoyed.


Ken is a native of Buffalo NY, a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and the Crane School of Music.  For the past 30 years he has resided with his wife Kristin in Warwick.  They have 2 grown children.

David Hull

David Hull

David plays third clarinet in our ensemble.  He is a resident of Walden, NY and works in Newburgh, NY as a software architect. David began playing clarinet in the 5th grade in Madison, AL.  In his high school years David switched from clarinet to tenor sax and in his senior year he made it into the Alabama All-State band.  Through the years David has had the opportunity to play both clarinet and tenor sax in various church orchestras including First Baptist Jacksonville, FL, First Baptist Ft. Lauderdale, FL, and Whitesburg Baptist in Huntsville, AL.  In more recent years he has participated as a vocal and instrumental soloist and as a member of the praise team in some of our local churches.  Currently David serves as the worship leader at Peoples Regular Baptist Church, Maybrook, NY.